Survey Leadership Program Paula’s Choice

As a follow-up of the leadership training in 2023, we offer you a couple of masterclasses in 2024. In order to optimize the masterclasses we would appreciate your input on the topics. In addition, we have several suggestions on how to insure the insights in daily practice – curious to know if you would be interested.

Overview of the possible topics

Personal leadership
  • How does the brain influence our behaviour?
  • Ahhh! How to deal with stress
Collaboration and leadership
  • How to build a winning team: increasing your knowledge on team dynamics
  • How to build and maintain psychological and social safety in my team
  • An inclusive organisation: what does it take from leadership?
  • Storytelling: how to take people along
  • The power of introverts and introvert leadership
  • Value-based leadership in action
Making progress together
  • Encouraging personal growth and ownership
  • Decision making, together with your team members
Insure that learnings will be remembered and applied
  • Monthly online check-in (one hour max) to share your progress
  • Set-up a peer review group to share knowlegde and experiences

Please indicate your interest for the different topics and possibilities in the survey below. Your input is highly appreciated. If you have any questions, you can contact Sandra Voskuilen or your facilitator Yolanda van Heese. Looking forward to working with you again!